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"Healthy enzyme and hormone systems and our blood’s ability to carry oxygen are critical functions that depend on a healthy, alkaline pH."

A Healthier You - Alkaline Water

Did you know? The most common causes of over-acidity are what we eat and drink. Science agrees that many functions in the body are influenced by pH. Healthy enzyme and hormone systems and our blood’s ability to carry oxygen are critical functions that depend on a healthy, alkaline pH.

Science also agrees that over-acidity (acidosis, if extreme) weakens all body systems, creating an internal environment conducive to disease. Oddly, most doctors do not diagnose or treat over-acidity. Rather, they treat the symptoms. For example, if you have acid-reflux, many doctors will just give you a prescription. They don’t treat the root cause.

Choose to be Alkaline

Living an alkaline lifestyle is a choice. The solution begins each time you choose what you eat, what you drink, and how you live with stress.

As you reduce the acidic load on your system, you rebuild buffer reserves. The buffering system begins to perform the way it was designed. Your body returns to homeostasis or balance. Now it can buffer and eliminate acidic waste. Your blood pH begins to return to the optimum end of the tightly regulated alkaline range. As it does, its ability to carry and release oxygen to your tissues increases. Medical science has quantified blood’s pH/oxygen-carrying relationship for years.

An oxygen-rich environment is an alkaline environment. And a healthy one, too. Dr. Otto Warburg (who is often misquoted), was awarded a Nobel Prize for making the discovery that low oxygen is a characteristic of cancer cells.

Benefits of an Alkaline Lifestyle

Regularly reported benefits of drinking alkaline (and mineral-enriched) water include:

Importance of Healthy Water

Since water makes up so much of our body and is the medium for every metabolic process, it is critical that we drink the right type of water. All water is not created equal. Optimal water is free of contaminants and offers other health benefits.

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